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1. What Does My Name MARIN Meaning?
The name is derived from the Hebrew word "Miryam." It means the sea of sorrow or the sea of bitterness. An alternative meaning in Engish is "mistress of the sea."

2. What Does My Name WHISTON Meaning?
It is considered a habitational name that originated from the various places named Whiston. The meaning, from Old English, means a white stone.

3. What Does My Name GERRINGER Meaning?
It means a person who has a small build. It also means a person who is philosophical, introspective, and prophetic but can also be opinionated and analytical.

What does my name mean

4. What Does My Name OLSEN Meaning?
This is a name that has a Danish-Norwegean meaning. It means son of Ole.

5. What Does My Name LISA Meaning?
A name with a lot of meaning. It regales 'The Oath of God' in ancient Hebrew. Definitely a very popular name among the younger generation and used widely.

6. What Does My Name CIMINO Meaning?
The name is of Italian origin which means a spice dealer. It can also be Cimini which is a family who came from Orvieto.

7. What Does My Name NUGENT Meaning?
It is an English and Irish name which is Norman in origin. It represents several places in the Northern France. Means New Settlement.

8. What Does My Name FAVARO Meaning?
The name is derived from Fava of which means a bean grower or seller. A second meaning is someone who wears clothes that are brightly colored or multi-colored.

9. What Does My Name BONESTEEL Meaning?
An occupational name with North German origin from the word Bohnestiel which means a bean grower. Used also to describe a very tall person.

10. What Does My Name JACKSON Meaning?
This is a name that has a Scottish origin and meaning. The name means God has always been Gracious and God has always shown favor.

What does my name mean

11. What Does My Name BOMBARDIER Meaning?
It refers to a good friend or companion. Taken from French, 'Bon' means good and 'par' means equal fellow. A person with a friend like him is a lucky individual for sure!!

12. What Does My Name CHAS Meaning?
This is pronounced as CHAZ. It is an American name for a boy. Comes from the old English word CEORL which means a strong man.

13. What Does My Name BECKETT Meaning?
The name is derived from the words "beo cot" of which has a literal meaning of "bee cottage." In English, the name is quite old and it means beehive.

14. What Does My Name FURUTA Meaning?
The name Furuta is considered to descend from the Japanese. The literal translation of the Japanese language translates to mean "old rice paddy."

15. What Does My Name BARTEL Meaning?
This name was used in the Aramaic culture and language. 'Bar' translates to son and 'telem' refers to furrows. So, this name was used to mean the son of furrows and was used in the form of Bartholomew widely.

16. What Does My Name MANCIAS Meaning?
This is a very interesting name which takes its roots from the Italian Mancino, which means ambidextrous. This person is skilled in the use of both hands which makes him very talented indeed.

17. What Does My Name GERHARD Meaning?
A person who has excellent skills in learning, analyzing and understanding situations. It also has a Swedish meaning which is translated to "spear courageous."

18. What Does My Name DUDERSTADT Meaning?
This is a name having a German origin meaning a person coming from Duderstadt. This is a place in Lower Saxony near Gottingen.

19. What Does My Name HEMBERGER Meaning?
This is a habitational name given to someone originating from the various places that are named Hemberg or Hembergen. Also means someone who attracts success, happiness, and self-sufficiency.

20. What Does My Name MISTY Meaning?
This is the short version of Melissa or Michelle. It came from the word MIST which means light fog. This is a popular girl's name.

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21. What Does My Name BRANIGAN Meaning?
The name is of Irish origin and its Irish meaning is "surname." The name can also mean "little raven." it also means a person who inspires others.

22. What Does My Name HELMICH Meaning?
With an Anglo-Saxon origin, this name was given to a herdsman and is derived from an Old English word, Helm meaning a covering.

23. What Does My Name VALERIA Meaning?
It is a female's name meaning strong, heathy and capable. This is originated from the name Valentine and the herb which is called Valeriana officialis.

24. What Does My Name GORDON Meaning?
This is a masculine name. It is a Scottish surname which means comes from a place called Spacious Fort. In Welsh, the word GOR means Spacious and DIN meaning Fort.

25. What Does My Name SHEARD Meaning?
This is an English name originating from West Yorkshire. The name is topographical used to mean someone living in a gap which is between hills.

26. What Does My Name CALLUM Meaning?
This is an Irish name having a Gaelic origin and it means "dove." It is a popular name among the Scottish.

27. What Does My Name MCCLANAHAN Meaning?
This variant name has its roots in Gaelic and refers to a mighty hound. This is a very strong name and brings to mind steadfastness and willpower.

28. What Does My Name NENA Meaning?
A slang word in Spanish used to show endearment or affection. The equivalent meaning of the name in English is "baby" or "sweetheart."

29. What Does My Name LEHRER Meaning?
This is a German name which means teacher. It can also be locational and derive from the word LEAH which is an enclosure which is best for agriculture.

30. What Does My Name MCKINSEY Meaning?
The origin of the name is of Scottish Gaelic of which is a variant of the English name "Mckinzie." It translates to mean the son of Kenneth.

31. What Does My Name PATRON Meaning?
This beautiful Spanish name has a devout meaning to it. It derives from the word Padre or father. Such a person holds spiritual significance in the lives of people around him.

32. What Does My Name KNIGHTEN Meaning?
It means a person who originates from Knighton. It also means someone who senses and feels more than they can express or understand.

33. What Does My Name GARCIA Meaning?
This is a very common name in the States with allusions to a lot of families. The very name has its meanings in Old Spanish meaning to be brave in battle.

34. What Does My Name HEYMAN Meaning?
It means a person who has a general interest in the well-being of other people and has a natural calling to serve and help others in a way that appears humanitarian.

35. What Does My Name BURGESS Meaning?
An English name meaning a free man from a fortified village and has municipal duties and rights. It also means a representative of a House of Commons.

36. What Does My Name MIMI Meaning?
It is come from the name Miryam which is a Hebrew name. It means Sea of Sorrow or Bitterness. It is also means Mistress of the Sea.

37. What Does My Name LEROUX Meaning?
This beautiful name of French origin is used to refer to a Red-Haired individual. It is very descriptive and the language of Romance does complete justice to it.

38. What Does My Name CHOUDHURY Meaning?
A name used by Hindu and Muslim communities to mean the head of a community. It also is used to mean someone who is undertaking a burden of responsibility.

39. What Does My Name KENNY Meaning?
It refers to a handsome individual and is based on the Irish language. This person is charming and is a natural at obtaining the devotion of people around him.

40. What Does My Name DINOVO Meaning?
It is a name of Latin origin derived from the expression "de novo." In Latin, it means "of new" but in English, the expression is used to mean "from the beginning."